​Water Conditioning

​If you have a well, and have noticed something is going on with  your water, you may be onto something.   Problems stemming from hard water can not only be costly, but unhealthy and be causing issues with your skin and hair. So what is hard water, you ask?  Our underground water supply often percolates through sediments and limestone where it picks up calcium and magnesium.  While not necessarily harmful to your health, these excess minerals can cause issues you would rather not have to deal with. Hard water can pose a real hassle, especially for new homeowners who may be unfamiliar with its effects on plumbing fixtures, sinks, toilets, washing machines and more personally--your hair and skin!  Have you noticed your beautiful blonde hair has taken on a brassy orange tone?  Surely you didn't pay extra for that! This could be caused by excess iron in your well water.  Excess minerals also cause extreme dryness of the hair and skin. What about embarrassing green rings in your toilet?  Laundry that never quite gets clean?  If you have suffered with any of  these problems, like many people,  you have tried everything.  Let us professionally test your water for excess mineral content and also for disease causing coliform bacteria. Bacteria can enter the water supply by not only passing through the sediment, but can enter through agricultural runoff or nearby septic tanks.  We recommend a water treatment system designed to safely remove unwanted minerals and harmful bacteria from your water supply.  Once installed and programmed by our experts, the system requires very little effort and maintenance by the homeowner.  Treated water results in elimination of hard water stains and odors.  As a nice bonus, you will appreciate the return of your soft skin and manageable hair.